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Hitecnico 150W LED High Bay Lights for Industrial Storage Lighting in Spain

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 28 April 2015 14:37

First batch of 20 units Hitecnico 150W LED High Bay Lights already installed in Spain client’s industrial storage lighting project. They are for 1 vs 1 replacement of 400W conventional high bay luminaires.

“There are totally about 200 high bay luminaires in our factory, they are lighting up our workshop, storage and warehouse areas. We know they are consuming much energy, and they are important for our factory business, we want to find a good solution for equal lighting while saving energy.” The client Mario P. says: “LED lighting is well known for energy saving, it sounds like a good choice.”

The high bay luminaires are mounted at 6 meters high; our 150W LED model is good to replace the existing 400W conventional luminaire.

“We ordered 20 samples for checking.” Mario says: “After installation, we compare the lighting performance is really good, even better than the existing luminaires output. 150W to replace 400W, that is more than 60% energy saved, what a great result!”

Hitecnico 150W LED High Bay Lights for Industrial Storage Lighting

Above is the Hitecnico 150W LED High Bay Lights for this industrial storage lighting project, if any question or inquiry, please contact us.

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