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A parking lot lighting project installed with Hitecnico 150W LED parking luminaires to replace old conventional 400W MH (Metal Halide) lamps. With our special designed adapter for wall mounted, the luminaires can be easily replaced 1 vs. 1. Besides this adapter, we have other adapters for fixed with pole (either round pole or square pole), fixed with U shape bracket, etc.
Electricians as photo shown are busy in installing total 9pcs Hitecnico 400W LED luminaires onto a high mast lighting to replace 1000W MH (Metal Halide) lamps mounted at 12 meters high, and to obtain 220 lux on the ground.
Here we would like to share a successful project case study to use our LED lights. It is a sports lighting project in France, we help the client Mr. Joseph E. for lighting design. Joseph would like to replace the old 400W metal halide lamps with new LED technology. “We have been talking with several suppliers and finally decided to use Hitecnico 160W model because their LED lights look very nice and the Dialux lighting design is the best.” Joseph said.
Hitecnico 200W LED Streetlights are installed in roadway lighting project. As commented by the client, the installation is easy, and lighting performance is excellent. According to this 2 lanes roadway, we use our asymmetrical optics Type II with beam angle 60°×150°.
Here we would like to share a successful project case study to use our LED lights. It is a small parking lot lighting project in US, "We are happy to see lighting design is good." Mr. William L. (our client) says: “It’s amazing job the Hitecnico team has done.” The pole distance is 40ft (12m) in the parking lot, mounting height for lights is 40ft (12m) to illuminate an area about 68m by 12m. We Hitecnico team use professional lighting design software Dialux for simulation and work out that 5 units of our 160W product is very good for this project.