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Melaka Installs 100000 LED Streetlights

  • Saturday, 06 August 2016 06:58

ADB (Asian Development Bank) announced to purchase 100000 LED streetlights under PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) to install in State of Melaka in Malaysia. The initial budget for this project is USD50 million, and it is part of Malaysia government’s plan to reduce 40% carbon emission by 2020.

Estimated there will be more LED streetlights installed in other Asia cities to upgrade the road lighting system.

News from Municipality Bureau of Jiaxing city in China, more than 10000 LED streetlights installed to replace HPS lamps, resulting with more than 60% energy saved while enjoying the same level lighting.

Qingyuan city in Guangdong province, China installs 47000 LED streetlights in its 223 roads lighting, benefited with more than 50% energy saving.

Shaoxing city in Zhejiang province, China adpopted LED street lighting in 2015, about 3000 LED streetlights installed in Stage 1 project, saving about USD 23.50 million in the electricity bill after half a year operation.

News from Ninhai county, Ningbo city in China, its downtown area replaced conventional HPS and MH lamps in street lighting by new technology LED streetlights.

Totally 3483 LED streetlights are installed, saving 982.10 KW in the consumed power. Basing on 12 hours lighting per day, the new technology LED lighting will save more than 4 million KWH every year.