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Melaka Installs 100000 LED Streetlights

  • Saturday, 06 August 2016 06:58

ADB (Asian Development Bank) announced to purchase 100000 LED streetlights under PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) to install in State of Melaka in Malaysia. The initial budget for this project is USD50 million, and it is part of Malaysia government’s plan to reduce 40% carbon emission by 2020.

Estimated there will be more LED streetlights installed in other Asia cities to upgrade the road lighting system.

News from Municipality Bureau of Jiaxing city in China, more than 10000 LED streetlights installed to replace HPS lamps, resulting with more than 60% energy saved while enjoying the same level lighting.

Qingyuan city in Guangdong province, China installs 47000 LED streetlights in its 223 roads lighting, benefited with more than 50% energy saving.

Shaoxing city in Zhejiang province, China adpopted LED street lighting in 2015, about 3000 LED streetlights installed in Stage 1 project, saving about USD 23.50 million in the electricity bill after half a year operation.

News from Ninhai county, Ningbo city in China, its downtown area replaced conventional HPS and MH lamps in street lighting by new technology LED streetlights.

Totally 3483 LED streetlights are installed, saving 982.10 KW in the consumed power. Basing on 12 hours lighting per day, the new technology LED lighting will save more than 4 million KWH every year.

Ordos City Installs 50000 LED Streetlights

  • Saturday, 09 April 2016 07:17

17.9 kilometers roadway in Ordos city in China will install 50000 LED streetlights. The authorities are happy to see uniform lighting effect by new LED lighting, as bright as day time on the roads, bringing wonderful lighting for safe driving.

Hitecnico 110W LED Canopy IP66 available for both Recessed Mounted and Surface Mounted, good for Filling Station Lighting, Gas Station Lighting, Petrol Station Lighting, etc.

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport announces to invest more than USD1.86 million to upgrade its terminal’s lighting to be better LED lighting, this upgrade project will be completed this year.

In 2015, EU countries import LED lights from China value USD5.89 billion, with a growth rate 49.89%, and Belgium is ranking on the Top 9.

News from Donghu District of Nanchang City in China, more than 2000 LED streetlights will be installed in the streets to bring better lighting for citizens.

News from Dadukou Municipality Management Bureau, 3000 LED streetlights will be installed in the district area within this year, after that more than 8000 LED street lighting in the district, which will save 4.5 million KWH annually.

In 2015, Dadukou completed 5004 streetlights retrofit project, to use 160W LED streetlight to replace old 450W conventional light, and 100W LED to replace 250W, while 50W LED to replace 150W. Now the district is enjoying better lighting but less energy consuming.

GE (General Electric Co.) closed the deal with JPM (JP Morgan Chase & Co.) to install new LED lights in its 5000 banks in US territory.

Current, department of GE in charge of selling LED lighting system, estimates after installation, about 50% energy will be saved in JPM banks.

University of Puget Sound (UPS) completed replacement of 250W HPS lamp with 54W LED Streetlights in its campus lighting, saving 78% electricity expenses. Utility service staff of UPS says, replacement of every 62 lamps will save 63,400 KWH energy.

Concerning for building and public area modification, UPS also plans to use LED lights for indoor lighting applications. Last summer, Marshall Hall in Wheelock Student Center installed LED lights to replace Metal Halide and halogen lamps, saving 77% energy as reported.

Hitecnico 200W UFO LED High Bay IP66 good for Factory Lighting, Warehouse Lighting, High Bay Lighting for wet locations, Industrial Lighting, etc.

Hitecnico 200W UFO LED High Bay is equipped with world top level Philips Lumileds LUXEON mid-power chip and Mean Well LED power supply, good for IP66, with 5 years warranty. IES files are available for lighting design.

620 units LED high bay lights installed for cold storage area lighting in a newly built logistics center in Singapore.

This center covers an area of 46,000 square meters, one of the biggest logistics centers in the world, divided with cold storage areas for heat sensitive goods management.

More than 18000 LED streetlights are installed in over 90 roads in Nanning city, capital of Guangxi province, also a core city for China and ASEAN cooperation.

Zhengzhou city, capital of Henan province, locating in central China, installed LED highway lighting in its Nongye road highway.

The light poles distributed in the middle of highway and equipped with double arms to be fixed with one LED streetlight on each arm.

Waukesha South High School adopts LED high bay lighting for swimming hall, not only upgrades the lighting performance and safety guard, but also reduces 70% energy consumption.

In the pilot project by using 240W LED high bay light to replace old 1000W MH lamps, while 80W LED lights to replace fluorescent tube fixture. 

Global LED industrial lighting market value will achieve USD2.93 billion in 2016, and will be further increased with annual growth rate 16%, estimated to achieve USD3.94 billion in 2018. The world top 3 markets in global LED industrial lighting are Europe, US and China.

In 2015, Guangdong LED lights export amount exceeds USD20 billion, taking a share of 42% in China LED lights export amount. The destination export markets are almost in 200 countries, which reflects very good development trend in Guangdong LED industry globalization.

Research report says the global commercial building lighting control market value will be increased to USD38 billion in 2024.

Airbus aircraft A350 XWB has many new innovations by adopting new materials, the big shine is it wants to use light to relief jet leg. The LED lights with 16.7 million colors change inside the aircraft are good to adjust color temperature and so to output light close to sun light. The color change is to keep day and night switch at same pace with your body, and no related to the actual time of aircraft location.

High efficiency and energy saving LED streetlights (some with solar lighting system) replaced HPS street lamps in main roads and branch roads in Ruzhou city downtown area. This is fruitful result from Ruzhou city’s Beautiful City and Green Lighting Project started this year.

News from Guilin City Lighting Management Office, 1199 units LED streetlights retrofit project in downtown area streets recently completed. The new installed LED streetlights are more flexible on color temperature, light distribution and other technical parameters, with better lighting performance while saving electricity expenses and reducing maintenance costs.

In 1880, Thomas Edison made the first incandescent bulb which changed the world in 50 years. LED leads the market with bigger share than energy saving lamps in only 6 years. Recently, PennWell estimates the LED market value will be increased from USD15.5 billion in 2015 to USD21.6 billion in 2019, with CAGR 7%.

News from Huangshan city, there are 17000 streetlights are being replaced by LED streetlights in Tunxi downtown area. 

The new LED streetlights will save more than 60% electricity which values about RMB4 million a year.

COP21 takes place in Paris, France this year, the latest issue is about LED and energy saving lighting after several days of discussion focusing on globally reducing CO2 emission and improving environment. The main important countries including US, India and China are positively promoting installation of energy saving lamps including LED bulbs. And the big market players such as IKEA respond to support, hoping to install 10 billion more energy saving LED bulbs all over the world, in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce global greenhouse gas emission.

In the first 3 quarters of 2015, China lighting products export amount is USD32.9 billion, growth rate is 8.77% than last year, which reflects the export amount is still increasing but slow down, growth rate is the lowest in the last 5 years.

Donjon Shipyard alongside USA’s No. 5 biggest Lake Erie adopted LED High Bay Lighting to use only 79 units LED high bay light with 60,000 lumen to replace total 266 units 1000W MH lamp, obtaining better lighting performance.

Yunlin county in Taiwan will replace all its conventional streetlights to LED streetlights, total number is about 61000 units sum in budget of USD14.38 million.

Global office lighting total income is estimated to reach USD1000 million in 2015, among which USD200 million contributed by LED lighting. 

LED luminaires are becoming popular in offices, especially for LED Ceiling Light, LED Downlight, LED Panel, LED Strip, etc.

Hitecnico 265W LED Luminaires with various adaptors good for Area Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting, Horizontal Flood Lighting for large spaces such as containers yard, Football Field Lighting, etc.

Hitecnico 265W LED Luminaires are equipped with top level Philips Lumileds LUXEON mid-power chip and world famous Mean Well HLG series LED driver, good for IP66, with 5 years warranty. IES files are available for lighting design.

The typical 265W model with 33125 lm can be good to replace the conventional 1000W HPS or MH lamps.

Hitecnico 150W LED High Bay for food industry lighting outputs 14,000 lumen at CCT 4000K and CRI 90. The fixtures are equipped with top level Philips Lumileds LUXEON mid-power LEDs (efficacy 143 Lm/W), Philips Advance XITANIUM power supply (universal full range input voltage 120-277V, 50/60Hz, PF>0.95), the complete fixtures are good for IP66 and offered with 8 years warranty.

During Oct. 28-31, Hitecnico team specially introduces the waterproof 150W LED High Bay Light good for Food Processing Lighting, Car Wash Lighting at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2015 Autumn Edition.

Our well designed LED High Bay Light attracts many foreign buyers’ special interest.

DOE (Department of Energy) of USA released a report evaluating for replacing the current HPS street lamps by LED streetlights in Detroit. The report titled Restoring Detroit’s Street Lighting System provides objective information about streetlights’ installation, including the installation process, decision-making and latest results after installation.

Statistic data from the 6 main countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines) in Southeast Asia, the total lighting market value is about USD4.8 billion in 2015, among which LED lighting market value is USD1.5 billion.

As reported, in 2015 the market value will reach USD190 million for LED luminaires for hazardous areas lighting, and will grow to USD470 million till 2020 with a CAGR 19.35%.

TPP (Transformation, Pacific, Partner) is now with 12 member countries, taking a share of 40% in the global economy, which is even bigger than EU. As China is not a member country, whether TPP will impact China LED lighting products export?

Shetland Islands, locating in the very north of UK, announces to invest GBP2 million to replace the old streetlights to be more advanced LED streetlights in total 3,900 units, as well as to upgrade lighting for outdoor public facilities, activities centre, ferry station and wharf.

As early as in March 2010, super bright and eco friendly LED streetlights replaced all HPS streetlights along the 2.9 kilometer Kaiyuan road in Licheng district, Jinan city, Shandong province, China. This is the first complete road LED street lighting pilot project in Jinan.

LED lighting retrofit project in Shanghai Pudong International Airport terminals constructed under EMC mode is completed recently, estimated to save about 1 million KWH annually.

Haiyu Town Installed 600 LED Streetlights

  • Saturday, 03 October 2015 08:08

News from Haiyu town, Changshu city, Jiangsu province in China, recently more than 600 units of sodium lamps and induction lamps are replaced by LED streetlights to save energy. Along the Yingbin road, several lifts to conduct the streetlight replacement running at the same time attract attention from the citizens.

New York Climate Week organized by The Climate Group calls all cities worldwide to make plan for LED retrofit projects, hoping to use LED streetlights by 2025. Meanwhile, it announced global LED (Lower Emissions Delivered) plan to encourage local governments, cities and related organizations to start using LED luminaires.

News from Yantai city, Shandong province in China, from Sep 29 to modify the Dongkou tunnel lighting in Huanshan road with 140 units LED tunnel lights. This retrofit project is requested to be done in 2 days to ensure citizens to enjoy better LED tunnel lighting during National Day holidays.

In 2014 San Diego starts using smart lighting system, a wireless network named LightGrid is installed to remote control and evaluate more than 3,000 streetlights, which helps the city to save over USD250,000 electricity and maintenance fees annually.

From Jan to Aug 2015, China LED lighting products exported to India amount at USD355 million, 76.61% increased than same period of last year.

1. India Ranks Top in the Export Amount

Before the end of 2015, there are 97,772 mercury lamps will be replaced by LED streetlights in Taichung city of Taiwan, total expense for this street lighting retrofit project is about USD22.62 million, estimated to save electricity bill USD4.57 million annually and reduce 45,272 tons CO2.

Vietnam LED Lighting Market Analysis

  • Sunday, 27 September 2015 09:14

2015 Q1 China LED lighting products exported to Vietnam values USD73.76 million, sharply increased 1424% than 2014 Q1, and this amount takes more than 33.33% share of exported to Southeast Asia markets.

Smart city, internet lighting, smart lighting and so on become hot topics these years. How smart LED streetlights and smart lighting can be promoted and applied under smart city strategy is attracting more and more society attention. Experts say there is huge opportunity in smart lighting; the market value is about USD16 billion in the next 5 years.

Weinan city in Shaanxi province installed more than 5900 LED streetlight fixtures in the municipal lighting system as retrofit projects in 2013. It is about 21 months passed so far, the operation result is very good.

This July news from Guangzhou Metro Operation Center, the energy saving LED lighting pilot project in Line 2 which lasts for 2 years successfully completed. There are 7527 LED luminaires installed in public areas lighting system in 14 metro stations, the lighting uniformity is increased over 10% than before while saving 245 million KWH every year.

Egypt plans to implement huge lighting modification around 2020 by using energy saving LED lights to replace conventional lighting. It covers government buildings lighting, residential lighting and outdoor lighting in all districts and counties. Egyptian government already purchased 250 million LED bulbs for residential lighting, as well as LED lighting products for other retrofit projects promoted by the government.

As a policy report submitted last Friday says 48,034 LED streetlights already installed in the Indian city Chennai, this number breaks the history record as for the widest area installation of LED street lighting in the city.

Global LED industrial and commercial lighting market estimated to grow with a CAGR of 30.8% from the market value of USD12.92 billion in 2012 to USD86.08 billion in 2019.

Indian government is strongly promoting for LED lighting. Early this year the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced promotion plan package for retrofit projects of LED lighting in government buildings, street lighting and residential lighting.

Kenya’s second largest city Mombassa will start retrofit projects for street lighting this month. In the downtown old area there are 500 units of HPS lamps will be changed to LED streetlights, as well as upgrade for 5km lighting cables, the total cost is about USD427,500. In other downtown areas, total cost is about USD11.4 million for lighting retrofits.

Today in EU countries, penetration rate at 38.5% for LED lights. Thanks to the EU countries’ high recognition on advantages of LED and the promotion of stop selling incandescent bulbs, LED lights will replace the traditional lights in the market.

Indonesia LED Lighting Market Situations

  • Monday, 14 September 2015 07:21

According to information from Indonesia lamps industry association APERLINDO, currently LED lighting fixtures market value is only about 10% of the national electric bulbs sales amount, the potential is huge for future. 

According to China Customs statistics data, in July 2015 China LED lighting products export amount is about USD1485 million, growth rate at 8.2% than last July. Comparing to growth rate of 19.4% and 21.9% in May and June, obviously to see growth in July is slowing down.

While LED price is gradually going down, LED lamps and modules sales amount will reach USD216 billion in 2024 all over the world with a CAGR of 19% from 2015. 

No matter for residential lighting or street lighting, LED lighting is now the most economic choice.

While optimistic policies and emerging markets’ warmer demand in LED lighting, in the first half of 2015 China exported LED streetlights gain fast growth of 91% than last year. The export amount is USD181 million, taking a share of 3.48% in the total amount of exported LED lighting products.

Nowadays, the global lighting market value is about USD66 billion, and estimated to reach USD100 billion in 2020. At that time, LED lighting products market share will be above 70% in the global lighting industry. Asia especially has stronger demand for LED lighting products because of prosperous architecture market during urbanization, and the governments’ strong support for energy saving lighting.

From January to May 2015, the LED lighting products Venezuela imports from China is valued USD14 million, 366.67% increased than last year’s USD3 million.

From January to May 2015, the LED lighting products Peru imports from China is valued USD14 million, 55.56% increased than last year’s USD9 million. Among all LED lighting products imported to Peru, there are 33.1% are from China, followed by USA, Colombia and Panama.

From January to May 2015, the LED lighting products Colombia imports from China is valued USD27 million, 35% increased than last year’s USD20 million. Among all LED lighting products imported to Colombia, there are 55.3% are from China, followed by USA and India.

From January to May 2015, the LED lighting products Argentina imports from China is valued USD36 million, 56.52% increased than last year’s USD23 million. Among all LED lighting products imported to Argentina, there are 77.7% are made in China.

From January to May 2015, the LED lighting products exported from China to Chile is valued USD36 million, 44% increased than last year’s USD25 million.

DoE (Department of Energy) reports the US LED lighting market value is estimated to reach USD25.1 billion. For Chinese LED light manufacturers, US LED lighting market is the biggest market, its import amount is almost as much as the whole Europe. Two third of US people have already purchased residential LED lighting products.

What LED Lighting Products EU Imports from China?

  • Thursday, 03 September 2015 08:07

EU has been the biggest importer of LED lighting products made in China, and its import amount keeps increasing in 2015 to USD10.24 billion while it was USD2 billion in 2011, which means high speed growing of CAGR 49% from 2012 to 2015.

Among the EU countries, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, UK, France, Belgium, Denmark are top importers, let us see what LED lighting products they import from China?

So far Brazil is the biggest energy consumer in South America, also it is the biggest importer of LED lighting products taking a share of 60% in the total.

In the past, Brazil almost completely relied on importation for these products, but now there are local manufacturing for them.

In 2014, key LED products exported from China to Middle East amounted at USD274 million, 106.68% increased than 2013. In 2015, the amount is estimated to be increased to USD570 million, that is 108.03% increased than 2014.

The upcoming event, Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition), will be held this October. Hitecnico LED lights will be exhibited at booth no. Hall 8 E15 at AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong during 28-31 Oct 2015. 

There will be surprise for visitors who come to our booth:

As data shown, from Jan. to May this year, LED lighting products from China to Russia values USD83.29 million. The top 3 products are LED Ceiling Light, Flood Light, Panel Light, these 3 products’ amount is about 70% of the total amount. The following top products are LED strip, bulbs, solar lights, streetlights, stage lights, downlight, etc.

Africa LED lighting market is a rising star in the world market, there is big potential in basic lighting sector and municipal lighting sector. Because Africa stands in front of low-end lighting applications, which means it does not request for high quality LED lights but more likely to accept low price, long lifespan, durable with basic lighting functions, maintenance free for 3 years, easy for operations LED lights in the market.

In 2014, the Southeast Asia LED lighting market values USD1.1 billion. Thanks to fast growing population, government subsidies, enterprises’ investment in R&D, the LED lighting market in this region is estimated to be with stable and consistent good development in 2015 to achieve USD1.5 billion with an annual growth rate of 36%.

Not only the CSP (Chip Scale Package) is revolutionary technology for LED lighting industry, LiFi (Light Fidelity) is possibly the next killer application for LED. In future, wearable devices developed basing on LiFi technology will be widely used, and smart lighting ideas will spread to many fields in our everyday living, including smart family decoration, agriculture lighting, medical application, etc. Shuji Nakamura, the winner of Nobel Prize in Physics 2014, estimates the next killer application in LED lighting industry is LiFi.

In order to save energy and reduce expenses, New Delhi government is considering to adopt LED streetlights to replace all the streetlights in 1260 km roadways within the city’s PWD area.

The government people say the current streetlights are consuming more energy, and the electricity bills are in unit of 100 thousand rupee, that is too costly.

UAE LED Lighting Market Analysis

  • Tuesday, 25 August 2015 14:25

What is the UAE (United Arab Emirates) LED lighting market current situation and the future prospects? What is the market share of LED luminaires there?

UAE, as an economy leading country in the Middle East region, is trading with 179 countries and regions, and is called as "economy engine" in the gulf region.

Before reading, let us keep these question in mind--why LED smart lighting becomes important to city development? What is the benefit from LED smart lighting?

100 years ago, only 10% people lived in cities around the world. In early 21st century, this number increased to 50%. Scientists estimate that 2/3 people will live in cities in 2050.

On Aug 19, Hurun Research Institute released Hanya Capital - Hurun Global Chinese Rich List 2015. The biggest highlight in the report is it’s the first time Lee Ka Shin (with fortune of RMB200 billion) is replaced by Wang Jianlin (President of Dalian Wanda Group, with fortune of RMB260 billion) on the richest Chinese in the world. As we know, Lee Ka Shin had been on the top 1 position for the last 20 years, and so it’s the first time the richest Chinese comes from mainland. Jack Ma (Chairman of Alibaba, with fortune of RMB165 billion) is ranked No. 3. How about rich list in China LED industry? 

Hitecnico 400W LED High Bay Lights outputs 41,000 lumen at CCT 4000K. The fixtures are equipped with top level Philips Lumileds LUXEON T LEDs (efficacy 140 Lm/W), world famous brand Mean Well power supply (universal full range input voltage 90-305V, 50/60Hz, PF>0.95), the complete fixtures are good for IP65 or higher and offered with 8 years warranty.

According to market research institute IHS, in 2014 the lighting market continues the transition to LED technology, the share of LED luminaires in worldwide total luminaires avenue from 25% in 2013 to 30% in 2014, and it will achieve 67% in 2022. The continuous growing LED lighting technology market share at the same time tells that traditional lighting technology such as halogen, CFL are decreasing in the market share. The big lighting companies are trying to adjust their business, meanwhile smaller size and more professional LED companies are entering the market, this will increase the pressure of the existing companies.

Recently Chinese official department National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released lighting fixtures industry data, would you like to know about the situations of China lighting industry? Please refer to below data:

2015 Q1 lighting fixtures export amount increased 29.40%

Hitecnico newly developed mini led streetlights available at powers 20W, 30W, 40W, 50W for street lighting. The new mini led streetlights are equipped with top level Philips Lumileds LUXEON mid-power LEDs (efficacy 143 Lm/W), Inventronics LED power supply (input voltage 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, PF>0.9), the complete fixtures are good for IP65 or higher and offered with 5 years warranty.

Good news from France, Hitecnico 160W LED Flood Lights model HTI-TS-F160A successfully installed in the client’s indoor hockey project.

“I want to replace the old 400W metal halide with LED.” Comments from the client Mr. Joseph E. “We have been talking with several suppliers and finally decided to use Hitecnico 160W model because their product looks very nice and the Dialux result is the best.” Joseph continues

Good news that our 120W LED Streetlights installed in highway lighting project in Qingyuan city, China.

It is a double traffic highway lighting project, each side with 3 lanes, totally lighting for 6 lanes. Road width is 19.5m in total, pole distance 30m, mounting height 12m, arm length 1.2m. The result is 17 lux on the ground.

Good news from US, Hitecnico 160W LED High Bay Lights model HTI-TS-F160A successfully installed in the client’s store warehouse.

“I like the product very much.” Comments from Mr. Jeff G., the owner of the store. “The led fixtures look really nice when I receive here.” Jeff continues “The installation was easy, the lighting performance is great and better than the old lamps 400W metal halide.”

Good news from Mexico, 16 units of Hitecnico 80W LED Canopy Lights are installed in our client’s petrol station lighting project.

"We want to replace the old 250W MH under canopy recessed mounted." Mr. Marco D. (our client) says: “We thought maybe we should use the 120W LED, it is really good to see the excellent performance of Hitecnico 80W LED Canopy Lights.”

Good news from Mexico, Hitecnico 120W LED Streetlights model HTI-TS-R120A successfully installed in the client’s parking lot lighting project.

This is a retrofit project, existing lamp is metal halide with total power of 250W mounted on 6 meters high with double heads on each pole.

“Hitecnico salesman told me their 120W LED luminaire is good for 1 vs 1 replacement.” Says Mr. Fernando R., the client of this parking lot lighting project.

Good news that our 120W LED Canopy Lights installed in petrol station lighting project in Thailand.

Below is product photo of 120W LED Canopy Lights used in this project. The product is equipped with Philips Lumileds LUXEON T LEDs and Mean Well power supply, luminaire efficacy achieves 108 lm/W at 5700K.