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Hitecnico is registered trade mark owned by HTI LED who is a professional manufacturer, exporter, solution provider for high quality LED lights.

Different from other companies who are producing many kinds of indoor and outdoor LED lights, we only focus on several product lines to offer our clients with quality products, best solutions, professional service, long term cooperation, etc.

Our Mission

Work as a professional solution provider for clients from lighting design software simulation to suitable product recommendation to excellent production and quality control to fast shipping to project following service, etc. In a word, we are one stop solution provider for specific lighting projects.

Core Value

Quality --Quality is always on No.1 position in our company, only good quality components and materials will be used in our LED lights, only good quality products are allowed for shipment. We have built up reliable quality control system with dedicated test equipments and professional staff to ensure good quality.

Honesty --What we have promised we will make it come true, otherwise we will tell can not do it at the very beginning. We believe excellent customer care starts from honesty, and business continues with honesty.

Share --LED lighting is famous for huge energy saving and better lighting performance. We hope to share successful lighting projects to help more and more people be aware of such great benefits and switch to LED lighting, let’s work together to build a greener planet.

Our History

  • Jan 2015 Hitecnico brand new website starts online, more powerful and better to be informed.
  • Apr 2014 HTI LED new production base in Shenzhen city, China starts operation.
  • Oct 2013 We cut indoor lights production line, focus on just several LED lights to be more professional. We are able to offer one stop lighting solutions.
  • Dec 2012 Export sales share more than 60% of total sales, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries.
  • Nov 2011 Hitec Industry registered in Hong Kong for stronger export.
  • Jun 2008 Hitec Lighting starts producing LED outdoor lights (led flood lights, high bay lights, tunnel lights, streetlights, etc).
  • Aug 2006 Hitec Lighting starts producing LED indoor lights (led strip, bulb, spotlight, downlight, etc).
  • Mar 2001 Hitec Electrical established for wholesale business.

Hitecnico LED lights, quality you can trust!

Hitecnico Led Product Lines